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Next Openwater Course Begins July 24th, 2024

SSI Openwater Diver

This course opens the door to the underwater world. It consists of 6 days of classroom and pool instruction followed by 2 days of actual diving at a lake or quarry. Included in the price are Online materials, instruction in the classroom, pool and openwater, the use of all SCUBA equipment for the pool and openwater, airfills, and certification fees. Not included are Mask, Snorkel, Boots and Fins, Students must purchase these. They will receive a discount when they purchase these and class as a package.


SSI Advanced Openwater Diver

Continue your adventure by becoming more skilled in the underwater environment. The advanced openwater course consists of four basic specialties such as Navigation, Deep Diving, Night Diving and Search and Recovery. Each specialty involves one night in the classroom, a pool session and two openwater dives. Included is all classroom, pool and openwater instruction, books and materials, certification fees and the use of any specialty equipment. (Student is responsible for providing or renting personal equipment. Also other specialties may be substituted, additional cost may apply for some specialties)

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The NAVIGATION Program will teach you to navigate with a compass and how to apply natural navigation skills. You will also learn to estimate distances, navigate different search patterns, find your way to different marking points, and be able to get back to the exit point at any time.

The DEEP DIVING Program will let you Dive in places where only a few have explored before! Get the experience of diving on a wreck below 100 feet/30 metres! To do these dives safely, you need the right skills and the right knowledge and that is exactly what DEEP DIVING provides you.

The NIGHT DIVING Program lets you discover the mysteries held underwater when the sun goes down. With the right equipment and a powerful torch there is a lot to discover. Night diving is a whole new way to experience the underwater world.

In the SEARCH AND RECOVERY Program you will learn to perform different search patterns with the help of ropes and compasses, and to plan search and recovery operations in a team. You will also learn the correct handling of one or more lifting bags in order to bring heavy objects securely to the surface.

In your BOAT DIVING SPECIALTY COURSE you will learn the right boat diving techniques, how to choose the right travel agency and diving operator when planning your vacation, what to consider when travelling with your Total Diving System. Taking a BOAT DIVING program prior to your vacation guarantees you will be ready.

Improving your buoyancy control skills is highly recommended. Every diver who wants to improve diving skills and at the same time wants to perform active environmental protection should take a PERFECT BUOYANCY course.

During the WRECK DIVING SPECIALTY COURSE you will learn where and how to get background information on wrecks, how to locate wrecks and how to prepare for a wreck dive. During the 2 mandatory dives you will apply the correct wreck diving techniques, as well as, evaluate and avoid the potential risks while diving on wrecks.

In your DRY SUIT DIVING program you will learn about the advantages of dry suit diving, different suits, valves, underwear and dry suit accessories. During the 2 mandatory dives you will apply correct dry diving techniques and demonstrate the correct care and maintenance of a dry suit.*

In your ENRICHED AIR NITROX program you will learn all the necessary rules for planning dives with Nitrox and using Nitrox in a safe way Nitrox is the key to having longer no-decompression limits to take pictures or explore a wreck, Shorter surface intervals, and a safer dive.*

The EQUIPMENT TECHNIQUES program teaches you how to choose the right equipment for your needs. You will learn how to fit, adjust , maintain and make small repairs right on the spot.

The STRESS & RESCUE program is about avoiding, recognizing and solving problems on the surface and under water. The course runs two - four days in which you will participate in academic and in-water sessions in the pool and in the open water. As a prerequisite for certification you need to have a valid CPR & First Aid certificate. *

* Additional Fees Apply For These Courses